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Rules of the Road

I love road trips. Have done so ever since I was a young lad. And when it comes to my road trips, I’m a firm believer in tradition. Some of the things seem trivial, perhaps, like the trip kickoff bottle

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Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky

Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky (Buy it now) Mark Knopfler, former front man of Dire Straits, has had a fascinating solo career, and wrote the score for a number of movies, including The Princess Bride. Get Lucky is a decent

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George Harrison – Brainwashed

George Harrison – Brainwashed (Buy it now) Ah, George Harrison. Beatle, Wilbury, solo artist… this late and lamented guitar legend was incredibly versatile, and while most people recognize his work with the Beatles, his solo work is unbelievable. His posthumous

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Indictment of the Airwaves

Here’s the thing. I’m generally displeased with the state of music today. With the homogenization of the airwaves by C**** C****** and other companies, there’s little opportunity for those great unknowns to get any sort of recognition without working their

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Cherryholmes – III Don’t Believe

Cherryholmes III: Don’t Believe (Buy it now) Let’s flash back to mid-June 2009, for a minute. A friend of mine and I are wandering the grounds at Bonnaroo, looking for something to check out. There’s nothing really happening at the

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