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Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

All right, kids, bit of a history lesson here. Way back in 1973, a man name of Richard O’Brien wrote a stage musical. 1975 came along, and this stage musical was turned into a cult classic movie. Cut to a few years ago, and it once again appeared on stage. Today, this production is being put on locally, and I had the pleasure of going.

Now… anybody know purports to know me at all has head me speak of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on many occasions, and knows of my long standing love for it. Madison Broadway, a local troupe, has adapted the original production and is performing it over the weekend. I was able to get to the 10pm showing tonight, and let me tell you… it was FANTASTIC! With local radio personality Fish Calloway performing as the Narrator, it was a solid cast. Starring Brian Tuel as Doctor Frank N Furter with Trevor Kastein and Kelly Maxwell as Brad Majors and Janet Weiss respectively, it was a fresh perspective on something I, for one, have come to know extremely well.

The callbacks most people would come to expect from Rocky Horror these days were kept to a minimum, but of those that WERE used, the ones that got the best reactions came from a group of four RHPS veterans who I am pleased to say I was with.

It’s a local thing, yeah, but if you ARE local and are interested in a fantastic show with a great cast and a bit of innuendo, you could do a LOT worse than to catch a performance. Short notice, but they’ve got performances Friday night and Saturday at the Orpheum Theatre on State Street. Tickets are 15 dollars.

The production was put on by Broadway Madison

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