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Weird Al – Alpocalypse

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Oh hell. Where do I even begin. I LOVE Weird Al. His newest album is no exception. From Party in the CIA to his traditional polka track, it’s amazing. He hasn’t lost a thing.

From his parody of Party in the USA, which has grown on me on its own Party in the CIA tells the obvious story of a spy who … dammit. Just buy the ALbum already. If you’re already a fan of Weird Al Yankovic, then you already have. But those who aren’t… have no sense of humor.

Polka Face… yes, the traditional polka track touches one the obvious Poker Face, also riffs on Britney’s Womanizer and what the hell else can I say? Weird Al touches on The Doors with Craigslist, and also Katy Perry in the polka medly. Jesus, the man’s a genius. Why AREN’T you listening?

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