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Coming soon!

All right, someone hasn’t been listening to their music lately. Sorry about that.  Life’s been very busy lately, but I intend to get back to what I love most: Sharing awesome music with you, dear readers. I’ve heard some great music, but unfortunately haven’t had the time to sit and truly get into the experience of it.  Most notably, I’d like to mention Van Halen’s newest release, which was fantastic.

Anyway… what a lousy time for musicians lately, right?  MCA of Beastie Boys a couple of weeks ago, Donna Summer today. Can’t say much for the disco queen, never really got into her music, but I respect her.  MCA, though… that was a tough one.  I happened to be at the Beastie Boys last show, back at Bonnaroo 2009.

I’ve got nothing real to report at the moment, outside of reflecting on those tragedies, but I promise, new content coming VERY soon!


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