AT-502 Terminal Singularity

RIP, Artist

Been meaning to get this. RIP Purple One. #prince

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I know, I know

I keep promising, new content, new reviews, new everything. It’s coming. Maybe even tonight! Great tunes out there, just keep looking for them!

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Yeah, dude, you know it.

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Earworm Of The Week: The Proclaimers –

Been a while since I’ve updated, folks. Sorry about that! I’ve had a lot going on. Gonna kick back into it nice and easy, though, with this classic. It’s been stuck in my head for weeks.

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Coming soon!

All right, someone hasn’t been listening to their music lately. Sorry about that.  Life’s been very busy lately, but I intend to get back to what I love most: Sharing awesome music with you, dear readers. I’ve heard some great music, but unfortunately haven’t had the time to sit and truly get into the experience of it.  Most notably, I’d like to mention Van Halen’s newest release, which was fantastic.

Anyway… what a lousy time for musicians lately, right?  MCA of Beastie Boys a couple of weeks ago, Donna Summer today. Can’t say much for the disco queen, never really got into her music, but I respect her.  MCA, though… that was a tough one.  I happened to be at the Beastie Boys last show, back at Bonnaroo 2009.

I’ve got nothing real to report at the moment, outside of reflecting on those tragedies, but I promise, new content coming VERY soon!


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Share The Love: Earworm of the Week – Van Halen- Running With The Devil

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Doctor John – Desitively Bonnaroo

Yes, I was there. How could I NOT show up for his set?

He inspired the entire gorram festival. It was a moral imperative.

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All right, all right.

All right, goddammit. I KNOW I’ve been slacking. Real world shit has gotten in the way, but hey, I JUST got home from Bonnaroo, and I’ve got AMAZING music on the mind. Fuckin’ Robert Plant, who played classic Zeppellin, to something NOBODY expected, fucking Buffalo Springfield, who ROCKED the goddamn festival the moment they played For What It’s Worth.

I’d love to get to MORE festivals, but I know I don’t have enough of a following to pull it off. Tell your friends, tell your companies… there’s a music fan who NEEDS to travel, and is looking for sponsorship into any festival around.

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Earworm of the Week (Share The Love) Heart – Magic Man

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Weird Al – Alpocalypse

Buy it now!

Oh hell. Where do I even begin. I LOVE Weird Al. His newest album is no exception. From Party in the CIA to his traditional polka track, it’s amazing. He hasn’t lost a thing.

From his parody of Party in the USA, which has grown on me on its own Party in the CIA tells the obvious story of a spy who … dammit. Just buy the ALbum already. If you’re already a fan of Weird Al Yankovic, then you already have. But those who aren’t… have no sense of humor.

Polka Face… yes, the traditional polka track touches one the obvious Poker Face, also riffs on Britney’s Womanizer and what the hell else can I say? Weird Al touches on The Doors with Craigslist, and also Katy Perry in the polka medly. Jesus, the man’s a genius. Why AREN’T you listening?

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